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The Company intends to collect your personal information as follows to provide online inquiry service.

Item of collecting personal information Purpose of collection and use Retention and use period
Name, E-mail, Contact number, name of company Online inquiry relpy process Up to 6 months after inquiry

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About DMS Service

Etners DMS will solve your problems from tablet delivery to collection and inventory management at once.

Performance Inspection

Supply equipment


Device Pick-up/Return



Systematic Device Management

Always keep your device in top condition through years of logistics operations solution know-how.


Self-developed Operation System

It is possible to manage security thoroughly through operating Sytsem developed by itself.


DMS's Rapid Supply Chain

ETNERS DMS builds a rapid supply chain to supply the necessary equipment in a timely manner.

Service Process

We provide total services from field operation to system operation and supply of goods.


#Business hours were shortened, and sales grew.

In the meantime, as the logistics operation period has increased, the number of sheets managed by Excel has gradually increased because the system cannot reflect the fluctuating form according to the field operation. And the results of the operation are also half the Excel and half the system. We assumed that the way we accumulate the data through Excel will increase in contrast with using system as time goes by. So we requested DMS service. As a result, we have created a module that can manage all the results we want, and reduce unnecessary work hours. Thanks to DMS, we were able to focus more on our business and as a result, we grew sales by about 20% over the previous year.

(Assitant Mnager Seo, A company)


#Detailed caring by DMS

It was very burdensome to keep on ordering and to coordinate the ordering and arrival schedule as the variety of items to be packed into the tablet learning machine increased In addition, there was a difficulty in requesting the unit price cut by instructions from the director. I got to learn about the Etners DMS when I thought it was unnecessary for running a business like this. When we sourced auxiliary materials (boxes, vinyl, stickers, etc.) as well as various peripherals directly, we had to find a company to deal with and had to go through the meeting. Thanks to the Etners DMS, I was able to concentrate on my main work, so my work efficiency increased by more than 40%.

(Assistant Manager Jang, B company)

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