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Asset Management SolutionAsset


We provide systematic management solution for asset Life Cycle.

Corporation Asset Matching SolutionBidding


We connect the needs of idle asset sale and asset purchase.

Logistics Operation SolutionDMS


We provide a solution to monitor and manage logistics operation and inventory status in real time.

Company Housing Management SolutionHousing


We provide a solution that can manage from company housing contracts to home appliances/furniture purchase and sale.

Expatriates Welfare MallMall


We operate a welfare system so that overseas expatriates can settle down and achieve results.

Global Relocation SolutionMoving


By introducing competitive bidding method when moving overseas, we provide one-stop service at the optimal price.

Payroll Total Care ServicePayroll


We support all wage-related tasks including design, operation and year-end tax settlement of wages.

Domestic Settlement Support Service for ForeignerRelocation


We provide support programs for early settlement of foreign core manpower in Korea.

Business Support ServiceShared Service

Shared Service

We help you concentrate on core competencies by integrating management support services that are distributed by business unit.

Business only Online MarketSHOP


We provide IT, mobile equipment, home appliances and furniture necessary for business operation at the optimal price.

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